Samy Sabil

Samy Sabil created a small startup business while studying at Georgia State University. After selling the company he relocated to the North Fork where he spent five years at The North Fork Table working my way up until I was a manager for 3 years. While learning as much as he could about the food and hospitality business, I also became a certified Sommelier. In 2011, Mr. Sabil started Creative Courses Catering with his best friend and business partner. A few years later they opened a local restaurant in Southold called The North Fork Shack. He graduated from high school in Casablanca, Morocco and studied in Italy and France. Mr. Sabil became an American citizen in 2010. 

Mr. Sabil was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma at 12 years old, but following numerous rounds of chemo and 3 surgeries he was declared cancer-free. His family never wavered in their support, and Mr. Sabil is committed to paying it forward.